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Food Coloring

Food Coloring

Natural Red Hibiscus, Yellow Annatto, Green Chlorophyll Dark, Pea, Piscathio Green, Natural Purple CWD Powder Dark, Blue Anthocyanin Blue Corn

Solin Food Colors Natural Red Hibiscus
Solin Food Colors Yellow Annatto
Solin Food Colors Green Chlorophyll
Solin Food Colors Natural Purple
Solin Food Colors Blue Anthocyanin (Blue Corn)adcw

Natural Red Hibiscus

Our natural red color is sourced from Hibiskus Sabdariffa. It is possible to obtain many shades from pink to red with this product, which is completely obtained from herbal sources. Our product in powder form dissolves completely in hot and cold water and gives its color instantly.

It has good heat and light stability and does not cause color fading in any way. It is used in many sectors such as food, textile, cosmetics. Especially in the food sector, it appeals to many different sector groups such as meat, pastry, confectionery, and beverages.

Natural Food Coloring

Food Coloring

Food Coloring Yellow Annatto

Carotenoids are a pigment that dissolves mostly in non-polar solvents and in colors ranging from yellow to red. Annatto is derived from a red oil carotenoid. It is produced from the seeds of the plant Bixa orellana. Anatto, one of the most demanded natural colors in the world, is a product in powder form and well soluble in water. This product, which is used to give yellow and orange colors in many sectors, has good heat and light stability. It is widely used in food industries such as beverage, pastry, confectionery, ice cream, spice. In addition, it is intensely preferred as natural yellow and orange colorant in the pharmaceutical industry and cosmetics industry.

Green Chlorophyll

Solin Natural Food Coloring

Food Coloring

Chlorophyll is a purely vegetable green pigment obtained from the sap of green leafy plants. Our product, which has high stability, is not affected by heat and light.

Our product is in powder form and dissolves well in water.

Food Coloring Natural Purple

Our purple color is obtained from our products that give completely natural and herbal red and blue tones. Our food coloring obtained from vegetable pigments is an intense and bright color. Our Natural Purple natural food dye can be used in many areas of the food industry.

Blue Anthocyanin (Blue Corn) CWD Powder

Blue Anthocyanin CWD Powder is a natural color pigment obtained from an endemic blue corn plant. This product, available in powder form, is highly resistant to heat and light. It is a product that dissolves well in water. It gives a bright blue color in every product it is used. It is used in many different food sectors such as pastry, confectionery, beverage, ice cream. 

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